viernes, 29 de enero de 2016

Offset LPE for review

Based in Liam P. White JoinType LPE and the new INkscape boolops from Krzysztof Kosiński.
Here is a video just added to my blog. It show the offset LPE I done time ago. Now Im in process to update my blog so ingnore duples.
I couldent remove all livarot code but here is it.

Hi dinamic toolbar!

Dinamic toolbars now on trunk

Hi again, now this feature is in trunk. This allow to hide unwanted elements from tools sub-toolbar. It affect currently to Spray, Star/Polygon and Tweak tools.

New URL of my "blog"

Having problems with my .tk domain, finaly land into a subdomain of the bussines I'm working. See all!